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Living On Purpose

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Imagine your life full of promise, energy and movement; a time when things feel balanced, peaceful and flowing. When was the last time you felt this way?

Life Coaching is about discovery, awareness and choice. It will help you:

  • Find balance in your life
  • Make decisions
  • Create movement
  • Tap into and move towards your dreams
  • Acknowledge where you are right now
  • Visualize the possibilities

Is it Just a Pipe Dream?

 It’s easy to read about this kind of life, but more difficult to live it every day. There are demands from your family, your job, and responsibilities. What was the dream you once had? Are you moving toward or away from this dream? Are you really Living On Purpose?

Living on Purpose Results

Patti S., Colorado

When I heard Sheri speak for the first time at a banquet. I was at a painful crossroads in life, uncertain of what I wanted or which direction to go. She impressed me immediately with her thoughtful and purpose-filled words. Since I am also a person of words, Sheri introduced me to the concept of journaling as a way to recognize issues and encouraged me to create what we called my “circle of self,” meaningful words that describe who I truly am. Sheri coached me on my inner process of healing and defining who I am and what I want, my life is balanced and I’m happy, in control of my life and choices. I’ve found the man of my dreams and a joy in life that could never have dreamed of even a year ago! I can’t thank her enough for her wisdom and sharing the journey as I’ve come into my own.

A. Cunningham, Small Business Owner

Sheri inspired and motivated me to follow through with my business goals while keeping family and personal priorities balanced. Her marketing background was extremely valuable as I initiated a business and marketing plan to launch my new project. Sheri’s excellent communication skills combined with her intuitive nature allowed me to feel understood at a very personal level. Our work together became a journey not only into my business, but into myself. Sheri has a great understanding of the challenge of being human and being in business.

K. Last, Certified Financial Planner

Sheri’s listening skills helped me to feel heard and understood and her organizational skills kept me on track. Each time we had a coaching session, the action plan we created, her gentle reminders and the email support between us, kept me motivated and growing.  ~K. Last, Certified Financial Planner~